What up weirdos, friendos, and all around good peoples?!

It’s 2019. it’s a new year, time for a new website and a recharged, refueled, and ridiculous Wild A. we’re hitting the road with some of our best friends in the world (Andy Frasco & the UN) for a whole month to support them on their Change Of Pace album release tour. we’re proud of our buds for creating a great work of art and honored at the chance to get out on the road with people we love for such a long stretch. it’s pretty rare for bands at our level to be able to spend that much time touring with people we actually know so we’re preparing to soak it all up. 

Tour Dates Here…

If you’re midwest/northeast/mid-atlantic USA… we’re coming for ya with Frasco. we’ll be back in the Northeast for some dates before we hibernate for most of April. time to continue writing, recording, and finishing another brand new EP we have coming for y’all later this year. 

Speaking of new music, we’ve JUST put out a 5 song EP we wrote/recorded with our good friend Dan Rodriguez called “Adriatic/Rodriguez”… we like to joke that we’re the new “John Legend & The Roots,” with Dan of course serving the Roots role. honestly this is some of the most fun and exciting stuff we’ve done because it all came together in 3 days of writing and a collective 3 days of recording and passing stuff back n forth across the country. it was an inspiring way to reinvigorate our love for creating and just making music for the fun of it. so thank you Dan for being such a talented sweetheart. grab the EP and see for yourselves!

All this to basically say HEY! it’s 2019 and we’re about to tour our asses off and release a ton of new music. if nothing else, take better care of each other in 2018 than we collectively did in 2019. talk to your friends, family, business partners… we’re all humans and are constantly thinking and feeling things we don’t understand. an open dialogue with those you love and work closely with can be so helpful towards building a positive state of existence. as Wild A, we’ve only just begun really talking about the issues that plague us as people/musicians and I have to say, I’ve never felt closer to these humans or more in love with what we do than I do right now. it’s easy to get discouraged and distracted in life but please friends… find your way back to the path. distraction is natural and feels great, but everything is good in moderation. 

Refuel, recharge, and hug someone who needs it today. honestly ask how someone’s doing and be willing to listen with your whole heart. 

See you out there,

xoxo Gossip Mateo